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Hello world!

“Wait … who are you?”

Yes, ha ha … very funny. It’s been a while. You’re right. And I have nothing but excuse upon excuse … none of which are of any value at all. So I’m just going to write.

Got laid off from my previous employer back in April. Landed an interview with my dream job yesterday. And now the waiting game begins. Apparently, there were a handful of people they interviewed. I had to create a PowerPoint presentation to showcase why I’m “the best candidate” or something like that. I *hate* doing stuff like that, but for this job, I’ll make an exception.

So, my afternoon has been spent looking for WordPress app that will allow me to write in WP but post automatically to Facebook. This is apparently a lot harder than it sounds. It shouldn’t be, but it’s becoming apparent to me that I need some kind of coding background.

We’ll see. If this posts, I’m going to be shocked.

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Mid-Day Musings

Simply because I pine for the time when we can return to Monterey, I started poking around on Google Maps during my lunch break. I left my break saddened. Not in a bad way, but in an even more pining way.

See, 2 years ago (almost 3, now!) Lori and I went to Monterey CA for our 10th anniversary. We went whale watching, ate at this fantastic little restaurant on Pier 1 called Isabella’s … and we’re dying to go back. This time, though, we want to bring the girls. They’re old enough that a boat trip would probably be okay for them, and come on … WHALES?! SERIOUSLY?! They would talk about this for the rest of their lives. I want this for them as much as I want it for me. The shutterbug in me is going crazy.

Aaaand WordPress just deleted 2/3 of my original draft. Thanks for that …

Anyway, to summarzie, I want to go, weef wants to go … it’s a matter of finding a good time to go and budgeting.

It will happen. Oh yes … it will.

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Demolition and Remodeling

So, it’s official: I like destroying stuff if it involves making it better. Take, for example, our basement.


  • Brown paneling
  • Nasty brown outlets and switches
  • Drop ceiling with all kinds of stains and ugliness
  • Nasty fluorescent recessed lighting with the plastic lenses
  • New:

  • NO paneling
  • New white switches and outlets
  • No drop ceiling; actual nice ceiling
  • New light fixtures that do not involve fluorescent tubing
  • NEW!! VERY new Ethernet ports and coax lines for the TV area
  • This place is going to be amazing when it’s done. By “amazing,” I mean AMAZING. This should up the resale value of the house by $20k or more.

    For this effort, we scored some SCREAMING good deals. The carpet is going to be relatively cheap–less than $800 for 40 square yards! The electrical was taken care of by my buddy Kurtis and my brother. The drywall and texturizing is in the process of being done, and the guy should be finished by Monday or Tuesday. We paint Tuesday and Wednesday, carpet gets put in on Thursday, and we move everything back downstairs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Holy crap, we’re so excited!!

    All of this will be done just in time for our annual Super Bowl party. I cannot wait. Seriously. AMAZEBALLS AWESOMESAUCE!!




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    Welcome, 2013!

    Well THAT was short. 2012 came and went like nothing happened at all. By comparison, I’ll take they over the hell that was 2011. We’re extremely excited to see what 2013 brings.

    I know one thing I want it to bring: more blog posts from us. We didn’t write much at all in 2012; we’ll remedy that this year.

    One thing I’m already looking forward to comes at the end of November. Comet ISON should be a relatively gargantuan deal, and it might be a photographer’s dream. Here’s hoping it doesn’t break up before it gets to us!

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    Dyeing to Find an Outlet

    Well poop. I had this all written up, lovely and fun. Then *splat*. Browser took a dump. Thanks.

    ANYway, so yah. Been making tie-dyed shirts lately. They’re just fun. And relaxing! Well, okay … sometimes they’re relaxing. When I can’t get them to fold correctly, then it gets kind of frustrating, but I just remember that the end result is what matters. Getting there sometimes sucks, but once the shirts are washed and dried … that’s when you can really tell what you’ve accomplished.

    So we had a booth over the weekend at our local town fair. Did pretty well: met some cool people, sold some shirts, got some other really great ideas … overall chill experience. Lots of people loved the ladybug shirt, but no one bought it until the end of the day. Made for a nice eye-catching piece though.

    A few people have ordered them too. Specifically, the ladybug shirt. One person wants a 12-month one-sie. Not sure how that’s gonna work out. Too many hems in such a little amount of material. Oh well. I have to try, at least! If nothing else, I might have to just talk them into going with a 12-month t-shirt and work with that. We’ll see.


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    Vacation Time!

    Tomorrow, we embark on an awesome road trip. We’re heading to Portland by way of Medford and Albany. One night in Klamath Falls, two in Albany, and three in Portland, possibly one night in Brookings. It’ll be a lot of fun!

    IF we can get on the road. In order to use the van, we had to get it registered today. That was a debacle, as was trying to get my AC fixed in my car. $1100 to replace the compressor? yah … guess again.

    The perk to the day was watching the sun set as I drove to my brother’s house.


    This pic can’t even begin to do it justice, but it’s a start.

    11:08. I have to sleep. more from the road.

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    Morning Commute Entertainment

    I fully admit that I’m kind of a dumb driver at times. Not in that I’m aggressive or anything, but … well, sometimes I’m just not very bright.

    I should explain.

    This morning, I left for work around 6:30. Still dark with the added bonus of drizzle, thus obscuring any waxing daylight might have been trying to eke its way through the rain clouds. About 10 miles south of my house, an HOV lane opens up to allow those with multiple passengers or those with an ExpressPass to travel mostly unencumbered. This is designated by a double white line separating the HOV lane from the other 3 or 4 lanes. It is illegal to switch lanes into or out of the HOV lanes when the double white line is in effect.

    It was with great surprise that I was cut off by this moron in some blue compact car not once, not twice, but THREE times within about 2 miles. Zipping in out of traffic, no blinker, no nothing. Just going wherever he pleases with no regard for the law. Finally he got caught up in my lane, and I came up behind him and flashed him with my high beams for about 5 seconds. Again, being in the HOV lane with the double white lines, and again with no regard for the actual law, he jerked over to the next right-hand lane, slowed down, and proceeded to yell at me through his rolled up window. He threw around all kinds of wild gesticulations, banging on the steering wheel, and I just shrugged and drove off.

    Of course, I should have expected this, but it still kind of surprised me. This idiot followed me all the way to my office building. If I changed lanes, he changed lanes. When I exited, he exited. When I turned down my road for the last 3/4 mile drive, he zipped up next to me and started mouthing something which I caught out of the corner of my right eye. I finally looked over at him, laughed and shook my head. THEN he mouthed, “I’M GOING TO F*** YOU UP!!!!” and banged on his steering wheel again. I laughed again and mouthed back, “NO YOU’RE NOT!!”, at which point I pulled into my secure, guarded parking lot. He just drove off to the next intersection. I pulled around to make sure that he wasn’t going to tail back around and try to get on my site, but he didn’t.

    What a maroon. What a cad. What a psycho!! Get real, buddy! He just took time out of his day to follow a complete stranger to his place of employ, only to mouth some crap at him, THEN drive off! Really?! He could have stopped at a donut shop, or gotten breakfast somewhere. Instead, he decided to FOLLOW me. And for what?!  Because I called him out on the carpet for being a lousy driver? WAH, pal! WAH.

    Of course, with my luck, he’s sitting somewhere outside waiting for me to leave the lot so he can tail me some more. That’s fine. I’m just going to circle around and find some security personnel and inform them that he’s casing our facility. That’ll land him in a ridiculous amount of trouble.

    Now … to be fair, I am not without blame in this. Should I have high-beamed him like that? No. It was immature and dumb of me, and not very nice. I recognize that and will work on that. However, it was equally, if not more, dumb of him to weave in and out of traffic the way he did. No blinker, cutting in and out of traffic with minimum space … not to mention crossing into a restricted lane. Dude should not have a license. Period.

    Oh well. Good times. Hopefully he mellows out and laughs about this at some point.


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    More Workplace Embarrassment

    So, today was our team Christmas lunch. All of us went to Little American in Salt Lake City to dine on some pretty epically fantastic food. We all sat and chatted about as little work-related stuff as possible. As time wore on, people started to trickle out, exclaiming the need to get back to work. My carpool group was one of the last to leave. As such, we were in a position to see most of the empty room. This allowed us to spot with ease the coat that was left on the back of the chair previously occupied by one of our friends. We snagged it, snickered about giving him grief over forgetting it, and then left.

    We got back to our building, and our buddy was the first person I saw. “Hey man. Did you  …. forget something?”

    Buddy: “Erm … no.”

    me: “Are you suuuuure?” At which point I pulled the coat from behind the cube wall corner to reveal it to my buddy.

    Buddy: “That’s not my coat.”

    *completely stupid grin on my face fades to shocked realization that I JUST SWIPED SOME RANDOM PERSON’S COAT*

    me: “Wait … what?! It was sitting on the back of YOUR chair!”

    Buddy: “Yah, that’s not mine. That’s Bill Tucker’s coat.”

    me: “WHAT?!”

    Bill Tucker lives in southern Utah. He is also retired. He sojourns north this time of year for one purpose: to share the Christmas lunch with us. And I kyped his jacket. Awesome.

    So I finally got in touch with my boss. “Hey. It’s Chris.” The first words out of his mouth were, “DO YOU HAVE IT?!”

    I mean … how do you answer that with a simple, “Yes”?! Obviously an explanation was in order, which I adamantly tried to proffer, but none of it was heard.

    Ever-continuous as the proof that God is indeed merciful, the phone call came to an abrupt end with my manager saying something like, “Okay it’s back at the office. I guess you …” and then the phone went dead.

    I swear, my boss thinks that I’m a moron. Why wouldn’t he?

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    This Is a Test

    Hopefully this posts to Facebook. Just trying to see if this actually shows up on my or Lori’s wall.

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    Like I said last post, I’ve been kind of sick lately. Not terribly ill now, but the worst has come and passed. So that’s good.

    The only thing lingering with this last illness is the cough. It sits in the back of my throat and, like a feather to the feet, relentlessly tickles something until I convulsively hack and nearly black out from expelling so much oxygen so quickly. Awesome, right? Gotta tell ya … not so much. Thankfully, I was offered some relief in the form of medicated cough syrup. This stuff will do a number on that tickle spot, and then leave you so warm and happy that even if you do cough, you won’t care. Unfortunately, it leaves you *so* warm and happy that maintaining any level of reliable focus is pretty much tossed out the window, thus effectively ruining productivity level for the day. Also, it creates an interesting dilemma in that driving becomes hazardous—not only to oneself, but to others on the road/highway. It’s … well, it’s not pretty. It’s rather a conundrum, in fact. So much so that I’m debating on whether I should just sign out and go sit in my car for a few hours. Problem with *that* is that we have parking lot security who are pretty vigilant in checking vehicles. Someone who sits in his/her car for hours on end would probably draw a level attention that they really don’t want to deal with.

    So what is one to do? Does one sit at his/her designated cube and ride it out, all the while nodding off and wondering why his/her heart feels like it’s stopping every time he/she jerks his/her head up from the inadvertent doze-off? Does s/he run to her/his car and risk security checking up on her/him? Or should one risk the highway and jam out to Metallica the whole way home?

    Details at 11 …

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